Growing Trees in Pots: Tips for Miniature Trees

Growing Trees in Pots: Tips for Miniature Trees

  • How to tell if your tree is growing in a healthy manner

    There are many benefits of having trees on your property. Because these essential plants take a long time to mature, you should carefully check on their growth to ensure that they remain healthy. The good news is that you can tell when a tree is sick or experiencing other complications. Issues may manifest themselves as wilting leaves, rotten barks or unstable trunks. So, what information do you need to have handy when checking your trees for issues?

  • What to Do If Your Tree Is Too Big for Your Yard

    Trees bring so many benefits to so many yards throughout Australia, especially during the hot summers of recent times. But, sometimes, they can grow too big for the space they inhabit. When that happens, landscaping becomes more difficult, and adding home extensions or decking to your property may not be possible. So what can you do? Fortunately, if you have no other choice but to go through your tree to complete your home project, then you have several courses of action from which to choose.

  • Mulching and Fertilising Tips for Your Landscape Plants

    Landscaping plants are the best option for anyone who wants guaranteed beauty in his or her garden. They enable you to improve the aesthetic value of your garden by choosing from what nature can offer. Normally, the best landscaping projects comprise a mix of bushes, trees, flowers and grasses. Each of the species in this category has its special needs for it to thrive in your home. However, some of the care and maintenance demand cut across all these types of plants.

  • Two situations in which a gardening enthusiast should have their tree cut down

    If you're a gardening enthusiast and you have a tree in your garden, here are two examples of situations in which it might be wise to have that tree felled by an employee from one of your local tree removal businesses. The tree's roots have invaded your flowerbeds If you have a number of beautiful and well-tended flowerbeds which have been invaded by the roots of your tree, then it may be best to remove that tree.

  • Your Palm Trees and the Seriousness of Fusarium Wilt

    There can be many reasons why a palm tree becomes unhealthy. Its yellowing, listless fronds might due to improper watering, poor soil drainage or a lack of nutrients in the soil. It can also be something far more serious which requires prompt action. Fusarium wilt is a fungal disease with a subclass (fusarium oxysporum) that can be deadly to a palm tree. So how can you know if your palm tree has become affected by fusarium wilt?

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    Growing Trees in Pots: Tips for Miniature Trees

    Welcome to my blog. My name is Emilie. When I turned thirty, I received the most thoughtful gift from my mum: a tropical tree in a pot. I loved it. I would have never imagined buying something like that, but it lit up my home, and it produced yummy fruit. After having such a positive experience with a potted tree, I decided to invest in a few more. Through the years, I have learned how to take care of potted trees, how to plant them outside and how to ensure they are getting the light they need inside. If you want to buy a tree in a pot or if you already have one, explore these posts. They will guide you toward great tree care.